About Us

Since 2012, Lycas has grown as a leading electronics supplier. In 2014, we decided to embark on a new journey, to develop the most sensational flameless candles-Enkinddle. We created a new class of lighting, one that is made true to form and boasts exceptional performance. We partnered up with Tecmo, a well-known power supplier, to bring Enkinddle to more retailers and hospitality establishments around the globe. Our combined expertise in design and manufacturing has redefined what authenticity means in the world of LED candles-to be radiant from every angle.

Because we understand your business needs, we provide a wide-ranging customizable service that gives you unlimited possibilities. You will quickly find us to be great partners in making your brand, client relations, corporate events, and holiday decor more memorable. Millions of people across North America and Europe have enjoyed the true beauty of our flameĀ­less candles. With our total product development, manufacturing, and distribution services, you have the freedom to tailor your smart lighting solution, and amplify your impact in the marketplace .